Welcome To His Cherished Ones


His Cherished Ones works in Nakuru, Kenya to promote the value of family and strengthen the family unit through Biblical teaching and discipleship, while caring for and creating families for the smallest and most vulnerable babies.

His Cherished Ones, Inc. is a registered 501c3 in the US and a registered Society and Children’s Charitable Institution in Kenya. HCO is governed by a board of directors and is compliant with governing structures in the US and Kenya.


Our goal is for all babies to grow and thrive within their own family unit. Whether biological, adoptive, or long-term foster, a bond of family cannot be replicated. While we do our best to create a family-like environment and love our babies as our own while they are in our home, we work diligently to place them with their own loving families.

As we love and care for the babies in HOH, we also strive to connect with their families and the community around us. Building healthy families is a process that requires relationship, training, empowerment and support. We work to ensure that our babies go to into homes that are safe, healthy and self-sustaining, while working within the boundaries of the local government.

HCO Kenya has four separate baby cottages on property, averaging 20-30 babies in care at a given time. We have a functioning administrative team that works with our greater ministry and care teams, including a full staff of trained, competent, trauma informed staff. In addition to our babies in care, we also intentionally invest in the lives of our staff, teaching and training them, and equipping them to be healthy members of their own families and communities.


In Kenya, just as in most parts of the world, the family structure is struggling. Pain, poverty, and despair have caused the family unit to suffer and decay. We desire to see the family strengthened through Biblical truths and hope in Christ. We seek to build relationships with men and women within our own community in order to teach, encourage and empower them to be agents of change within their homes, families, and larger communities. Because financial hardship and poverty are so prevalent in this culture, we also help to strengthen the family through business and microfinance. By helping to meet their physical needs, we open doors of communication to build relationship and share with them the hope of Christ. As we strive to strengthen families, we start with our own. Haven of Hope Baby Center is a place of ministry for our staff, where we employ those whom we are training and discipling.


Be a part of strengthening families, providing hope for the future, and changing the lives of babies in need.