Welcome To His Cherished Ones

I wrote a few weeks ago that our family had left our parents’ house in Midland, Texas and are now living in a renovated RV while we are in the US. Although it was heartbreaking to leave Nana & Papa’s house behind to be sold, we are excited about our new adventure and travel plans ahead! (We would be even more excited if we actually knew what that looked like with so many states and areas still in lock down.)

We wanted to show you our new America home. It is not your mama’s camper-trailer-RV!

I am so proud of my amazing husband and all he has been able to do to make this dark, old RV into a bright, beautiful, comfortable home for us. This will help us find some stability and familiarity as we move from place to place sharing the ministry of His Cherished Ones. And believe me, our family is in need of stability and familiarity. While most people have “hunkered down” and spent lots of time at home, maybe too much familiarity, we have been searching for it. And this place has brought it to us over the past few weeks.

Isn’t it beautiful?! Jim can work wonders, taking something old, gross and dark and turning it into a home.


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