Welcome To His Cherished Ones

It may sound a bit backwards, but one of our favorite times at HCO is saying goodbye to one of our own. When we say goodbye to one of our babies, it is a GOOD thing! Though we love having our little ones in our home to love and care for and play with, we love placing them in the arms of their parents even more.
Little Luke came into our home as a tiny baby in June 2016. He has grown into a happy, healthy big boy in our home. This is where he learned to sit up, crawl, walk. This is where he learned to sing and dance and talk and play. This is where he was fed his bottles, at his first bites of food, learned to drink from a sip cup, and learned to feed himself. This is where he said his first words. This was Luke’s home and we were his family. But, this was only Luke’s first home, and we were only his first family.
Today, Luke went home with his forever family. His real family. His very own mom and dad who will be with him, raise him, and love him for the rest of his life.
We are beyond grateful for the part that God allows us to play in these little ones’ lives. We are humbled to be used as the hands and feet of Jesus to teach and take care of these babies while they are with us. Yet, we know that we are here for just a season in their lives. We are here to bridge the gap from where their life did not go as it should have to where it was meant to be. We are here to be their family while they need us to, until the time is made perfect for them to be united with their forever family.
And seeing our babies with their forever family is one of the greatest joys any of us will ever experience and be a part of. Seeing the union and bond of a parent meeting, getting to know and loving and adoring their very own child is a gift that we get to be a part of. Though these children are a part of our family, and always will be, we are full of joy as we send them off with happy tears, songs of praise, and cheers of thankfulness.
So, we say a good goodbye to little Luke today. We send him off with a mother whose smile is gracious, gentle and full of love and with a father whose arms are comforting, protective and full of strength.
May God richly bless you, little Luca, and may His face forever shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May you grow to know the unconditional love of your Heavenly Father who placed you on this earth for a great purpose, and may your life be a testament of God’s grace and reflection of Christ’s love. We love you and miss you already, sweet boy!
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