Welcome To His Cherished Ones

One of our favorite things we do is visiting the homes of some of our babies who have been adopted or fostered. Some families keep in contact and allow us to continue to be a part of their lives. We have partnerships with some families that keep us connected, where we work with them on projects or in their communities. Some families leave and change their numbers and we are never able to reach them again. Some families return every August to celebrate our HOH anniversary day with us. So many families and all are unique!

This week, we got to visit a special family. Joyce went home with her parents two years ago, but we see her sweet mama every day! Joyce’s mom is Auntie Maggy and she has been an auntie to our babies since the day we moved to Nakuru in 2010! She is a very special auntie with a very special daughter.

The community development part of HCO is working with Maggy and her husband as well, so Jim was able to follow up. He is so gifted and able to connect with people in such genuine ways. He is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas and God uses him in some amazing ways. We are grateful to be a part of the growth of this family, assisting them in their future and helping them become fully sufficient as they raise their sweet daughter.

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