Welcome To His Cherished Ones

His Cherished Ones is all about the family, so we wanted to update you on our family – the HCO family and the Mroczko family.

God has graciously protected the HCO staff and babies over the past few months! We have an amazing group of people who stepped up to take care of our little ones during this pandemic season. For the first month and a half, we had the same people who stayed around the clock, day in-day out, taking care of the baby house. Some of those with larger families and a husband/wife remained at home with their family. Most of the single mothers and the unmarried staff moved into the baby house, along with their children, and stayed there without coming or going. All shopping was done by one person. The security guys remained home with their families, coming back and forth each day, but sadly cut all interaction with the remaining staff and babies. Currently, some staff has switched out and a few are able to come and go each day, allowing all of our regular aunties to return to their babies.

During this time, there have been no new babies brought into the baby house. For one, the Children’s Department has forbidden any homes to take new children. Strangely, we have been able to find no answers as to where any abandoned babies have gone over the past few months. Meanwhile, no children are leaving Haven of Hope either. All adoptions, fostering and reunification process are completely halted with no talks of reopening. Our numbers remain high at 27 total babies, plus Lizzy.

And as far as our family, the Mroczkos are having some beautiful family time and finding some wonderful peace and restoration. Our girls have fallen in love with Florida, even the heat, which Mom thinks is dreadful! When most people were quarantining in the spring, spending focused time together as family, we were not really in that place. Jim was pouring himself and his time into renovating our RV in order to have it ready to move into by the time we listed my mom’s house. I was busy trying to hold myself together, and the kids, too! Finally, we are in a place where we are able to enjoy this beautiful time together, just being with each other and soaking up the joy we are finding in the everyday of life.

We have been able to connect with some friends and supporters in the area. It has been a blessing to be refreshed by fellowship, and even more so with friends who know and understand our life in Kenya and love it as much as we do! This has been another part of our healing and restoration time as well. We are grateful for our MANY supporters and wish we could see you all!

Meanwhile, as we continue to step out in the paces God sets before us, we trust in the fact that He has all in the palm of His hands. He is holding each of our babies in Kenya when we cannot be there to do it ourselves. He continues to meet our needs as we take care of our families in Kenya, committing to keep their jobs and salaries during this difficult time. We know the Lord has us here for this time, but it feels a bit like we are in a holding pattern, unable to return to Kenya but unable to do the things we had intended for this time in America. We have chosen to look for the joy in the moments, to see God in the moments and to trust in every moment.


Be a part of strengthening families, providing hope for the future, and changing the lives of babies in need.