Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Today is our 3 month wedding anniversary. In the three months we have been married, we have covered more ground than most couples would in their first few years of marriage – figuratively and literally! We have moved from place to place 19 times, sleeping in 19 different places and not staying in any one place (including our own home) for more than two weeks at a time! Needless to say, this has been a whirlwind! Not only is this a lot for a newly married couple, but it is a lot of change for two little girls and the joining of a new family.
In the whirlwind of life, we realize the need for peace. Even in a hurricane, there is peace in the eye of the storm. And though we are not in a storm, we are living in the busyness and craziness of life and we have great need of finding the peace in the midst of this season of life.
Our family has had some amazing adventures and divine, God-appointed meetings. We have shared times with friends, family and supporters. We have been poured out and poured into. We have been stretched and brought closer together. And through it all, we have experienced the peace of Christ and comfort of knowing we are in His will while living in the whirlwind of our great American adventure!


As we share this little life lesson that we are in the midst of learning, we pray for all of our friends, family and supporters that are in need of finding and resting in the peace of Christ this season as well. This season of our lives – new marriage, family, travel, etc – is crazy and busy, and we know that this season of the year is crazy and busy for so many people. Our prayer is that in the center of it all, you may find Christ, taking time to rest in these “Christmasy” words that we see and hear all around us – the PEACE and the JOY that we find in our Lord.
One lesson we are learning in life that we take into this holiday season is that we CAN enjoy the excitement and joy in the adventure and busyness, while also finding peace in Jesus Christ. When we cannot find the physical time to sit and rest in that peace, we know that He IS peace, and when we are in His presence, we may find rest in that peace, no matter how busy things may be around us. We pray the same for you.
Please know that as we travel about the country and visit as many people as possible, our hearts and minds are with all of you and we are beyond grateful for the love and support of our friends, family and supporters. Thank you all for being on this journey with us! We are thankful for each of you!
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