Welcome To His Cherished Ones

In the midst of all that has distracted me over the past few months, I failed to introduce our three newest additions to Haven of Hope! When we left Kenya in August, celebrating our 9th year of HOH and our 96th baby, we did not know how quickly we would grow after that.

Baby girls, Tabbitha and and Rose, joined us in early September.
  Baby boy, Joseph, joined us in late September.
That brings us to 99 babies that have come through Haven of Hope Baby Center! And 23 at one time! Though any circumstance that brings a child into our home is consists of its own story of separation, usually mixed with some level of trauma and including some level of loss, we still look beyond the ashes and into the beauty of that child’s story. God is taking these little lives, lives who have already experienced devastation that they usually know nothing about on a conscious level, and writing them into a story of hope and healing. The love and care that they will receive while with us are the nutrients that will restore their soul and give them hope. It is their haven in the midst of loss and turmoil, a place to rest, grow and play. It’s their Haven of Hope.

So, welcome to your new {temporary} home, sweet Tabitha, precious Rose and handsome little Joseph! We welcome you with open arms ~ and I, for one, wish my own arms were there to hold you in person!

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