Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Living in a country other than your own home country (or passport country, as it is referred to in our world) means always having your heart split between two places. As sad as we were to leave family in America, we were just as thrilled to come home to our other family in Kenya.

What a joy it was to be welcomed home by these beautiful people! These are the wonderful people who make HCO what it is. They are the ones who do the hard stuff, who live the life, who make a difference in someone elses life every day of theirs. These are the people who are the hands and feet of Jesus. Many people come from America with the intention of being the hands of feet of Jesus and never realize there are so many here ~ namely, these people ~ who are already here doing just that.

These people love Jesus. These people are here to serve. These people go above and beyond doing a job, to doing whatever it is God puts before them.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to do life with this team, our Kenyan family. And are hearts are happy to be reunited with them!

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