Welcome To His Cherished Ones

We’re ready to grow!

The aquaponics is getting piped and the greenhouse is built. Now, just time to connect it all, getting it flowing, and start experimenting and learning!

Men in ministry

Evans has been on our team for almost a year. To hear him teach is a blessing. To see the other men learn is a blessing.

Jim’s heart is for men’s ministry. This is his passion and he absolutely loves spending time with these guys. God has been gracious to grow our men’s ministry and work deeply in the lives of these guys.

The rains are coming!

When it rains, it pours, and there is a LOT of water. Usable water.

And we want to be ready to catch it!

Harvesting what?

That rain!

These guys are digging deep. We have been collecting rainwater for some time, but it’s time to upgrade our system. We have several 20,000 liter tanks ready to be inset and collect all of that rain so that we are set for dry season!

Kids & Carrots

We don’t just harvest rain. We harvest real vegetables as well. This season, we’ve got a LOT of carrots! So many that we were able to bag some up for the kids to sit on! Okay, even though these kids are cute hanging out on a sack of carrots, I guess that’s not really why they are bagged. We are being taken to a community who desperately needs them, the place in Pokot where a number of our kids have come from.

Soaking up baby time

Our family is about to head to America for an extended stay. We need to be there for the next season of my mom’s healing and adjustment to her new normal with her diagnosis a few months ago. We also plan to spend a few months focusing on the stateside portion of our ministry, moving our official “home base” from Houston to Midland, Texas. We will be taking time to visit supporters and help secure our support base for the ministry. So as we prepare to leave, we are soaking up the hugs and cuddles of our little ones!!

Nana’s on a roll!

We made it back to America and back to Nana! We have a big family trip planned in Florida, our first family trip with the whole family, big kids and Nana included. Nana’s all thumbs-up for travel! This was our prayer for the past few months. Not only is she cleared to travel, but she is standing and walking on her own!! Another big miracle in the life of Karen Ivy! Let’s roll!

Home again, home again….

We had a wonderful time with family in Florida, but making it back home to Texas, our America home, with Nana doing so well, feels soooo good! It’s been a crazy year with lots of change and transition. We are looking forward to being here for Christmas and having a great start to a new year.


Be a part of strengthening families, providing hope for the future, and changing the lives of babies in need.