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It’s research time in Pokot for HCO! Jim has been really busy researching options for our friends in Pokot.

At this very moment, our little area of East Pokot is beautiful and green!

This is far from typical! This place gets hot, dry and dusty. And I am a West Texas girl, saying this…I know hot, dry and dusty! 

The rains have come to Kenya, and this year it even includes Pokot! This is a huge blessing. Because the past decades have been harsh on the landscape of the Pokot region, farming is almost non-existent in the area. Overgrazing has devastated the land and changed the landscape in just 25-30 years. That, in turn, has led to devastation, famine and cattle/goat rustling. And by famine, I mean true famine. These people have literally been starving to death.

Do you remember “meeting” Baby Brenda’s shosho (grandmother) last year? This is when we went to visit Brenda’s family and she met her grandmother. Her grandmother died two weeks after this visit – from malnutrition.

This is a harsh place to live. And though it is green and beautiful right now, it will not last. Sadly, these people do not know how to grow food. They eat very little and only the scarce few things that are available. Over the past decades, grazing animals has become their way of life where many used to farm. This is not over many generations, just a few decades. But the terrain and landscape is so harsh and desolate now that they do not even know what to grow, besides the occasional maize.

This is where research comes in! Not only is something that Jim has been researching through his team from Farming God’s Way, it is something that Joshua has already put in motion. Between the two of them, they are laying out some new possibilities and potential shamba plans. As Joshua mobilizes the people of the community to come together to work, Jim is gathering materials and information.

One HUGE blessing and piece of the puzzle is that the local county government recently put in a communal borehole in this community! It has been operational for less than 6 months. This is a big deal! This is also the place where we have begun to gather and hang out with out with our friends. Each time, God opens a few new doors of conversation. Communication is difficult, but sharing the love of Jesus is not. It is amazing how mentioning the name of God immediately softens hearts. In many rural tribes, there is resistance, but at least on the surface level here, it is of great interest to some. Some simply say “no,” but others are open. We are anxiously anticipating the next open doors and opportunities to share. God is faithful. God knows and loves these people and we are here to remind them of that.

Please pray with us that God would continue to open doors and make our way clear, both in physical assistance and in opportunities of faith sharing and potential discipleship. These hearts are hurting and desperate for hope.

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