Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Happy Hope

Don’t we wish we could all be so free and joyful in the presence of God?! To see the joy on these babies’ faces brings all the comfort of His peace!

Smiling Girls

Tabitha and Chantel, two happy babies playing outside. All the babies spend most of the day outside on our beautiful lawn.

February is HOT!

The babies love to play in the water, and since our borehole is so hot, the water even comes out at the perfect temperature to keep little ones happy.

Aunties in the Word

Our staff are growing so much in their walks with the Lord. It is a blessing, and quite refreshing, to watch and hear them share with each other.

New Baby Jessa

Sweet baby Jessa joined our family and brought some special, newborn cuddles.

Mary Goes Home!

Baby Mary was adopted by a family from Nairobi who are adoptive parents of her big brother as well!

Mama Kendrick

Tekla is a beautiful young lady who is going to college while her sweet boy is with us. Tekla herself grew up in a children’s home, and upon completion of high school, the home came to us to see if we could help her care for her baby while they help her through college. She visits him EVERY weekend!

Welcome Mr. Aaron

I feel like Aaron should be addressed as “Mister,” as he carries such a seriousness with him. He is a sweet boy that we welcomed home in February.


Be a part of strengthening families, providing hope for the future, and changing the lives of babies in need.