Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Jim is back from Kenya, and let me say that this is one happy little family!!! Gosh, it has been good to see how mightily the Lord has worked in our family over the past year! The measure that these little Mroczko girls missed their daddy was precious. I’m still not sure how I managed to raise them on my own for so many years because the void that we all felt while he was away was immense. And as strange as it may sound, that made my heart feel so good. But now, Daddy is back with us in America and all is well. And while he was away, his report was always the same – how good it felt to be home, but how strange and incomplete it felt to be there without us. That’s family. And I am grateful for it!

And the other part of our family…I do have to admit that I was quite jealous that Jim was home with our Kenya family and I was not. But also, he accomplished way more in three short weeks than I could have! Banking, finances, organization registration, business meetings, budget meetings ~ I was happy not to be a part of those things, and I am beyond grateful to have a partner in ministry who is so competent and thrives in such areas! And then there are parts of ministry that I did miss ~ sitting outside with my aunties and friends, holding babies, listening to the toddlers sing on the swing, day trips to the village to visit friends, Tuesday fellowship with all of our staff, Wednesday Bible study on the grass with the aunties.

As always, when we travel back and forth, leaving Kenya, our beautiful staff always send their greetings.


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