Welcome To His Cherished Ones

We made it back and are settling in well. We had safe travels and even enjoyed a day in Washington, DC as our flights changed last minute. It was our first time flying internationally since Covid and we were surprised at how empty and eerie everything felt in the airports in America. Traveling with face shields on a 14 hour flight wasn’t the most pleasant, but it was worth the little annoyance to get back to our people!

How great it was to see all of our babies and staff! It had been almost a year since we have been back. There were no new babies, but sooooo many toddlers and big babies! We had a hard time keeping distance!

After being away for so long, it was wonderful to come back and feel the efforts of a well oiled machine. As with any job or organization, when the “boss” or leader is away, you expect to have certain issues. However, over the past years, we have worked extremely hard and been diligent to teach and train and raise up a leadership team in Kenya. It was amazing to see that in action over the time we were away, and just as amazing to see the effects of that when we returned. We have such an awesome leadership/admin team, and an incredible group of people who we are blessed to have on our staff! We returned to find things operating as beautifully as it seemed to from afar and as well as it does when we are present. This is a true testament to God’s work and faithfulness in growing this family.


Be a part of strengthening families, providing hope for the future, and changing the lives of babies in need.