Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Most of our friends and supporters will know our sweet Jabali. Jabali was a special little boy who spent his first few years with us at Haven of Hope before going home with his family in 2014. Just two short years later, Jabali went to be with Jesus. He died in the arms of his mom and dad and was ushered into the presence of his Heavenly Father with the familiar, comfortable, safe knowledge of unconditional love. He knew where he was going because he had been shown glimpses of Jesus and of his heavenly home in the faces of his family.

Jabali was adopted by one of the most amazing families I have ever known. His family, originally from California, lived in Nairobi. After living in Kenya for many years, they were then called back to America where they now serve.

After Jabali’s death, his family allowed us to be a part of his life celebration by having a memorial service for him here at Haven of Hope. Since that time, his friends and extended family have worked towards giving us a memorial gift for Jabali. They recently returned to Kenya to present us with this amazing children’s library for our babies!

Each and every book was specifically chosen. They are some of Jabali’s favorites, some of his brothers’ favorites, his parents’ favorites, and all are strong, suitable board books that will be easy for our little ones to read and enjoy without being easily torn apart by tiny baby fingers.

We are forever grateful for Jabali’s gift of life, thankful to the Lord for allowing us to be a part of His life. We are also grateful to his earthy forever family for sharing him with us and blessing our babies with the continued memory of Jabali by this wonderful and practical gift.

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