Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Josie’s Big Progress!

Josie LOVED her doctor in Lubbock and we loved the miracle he helped facilitate in our little girl’s body! 12 months of work ahead of us, but we will be back to see him next December.

Julia Wins Science Fair

On her last day of school in America, she got First Place in her 5th grade Science Fair, but couldn’t go on to District because we were leaving.

It’s that time again….

We packed up and headed back home to Kenya on January 15th.

The girls are back with their babies

They are wonderful big sisters and were happy to be back to play with the babies, especially the toddlers.

Meeting new Babies

Joseph M, with the cutest little happy smile, came to HOH while we were away.

Loving new faces

Joseph A is a happy, squishy, lovable little guy.

Auntie Maggy becomes a Mama!!

Auntie Maggy announced to the staff that was taking Joyce as her very own. She and her husband became parents to one of our own precious little ones.

Welcome Baby Jaden

Jaden joined our family in January and brings lots of smiles with him.


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