Welcome To His Cherished Ones

“Joy is not the absence of suffering, but the presence of God.”

At Haven of Hope, we hold these words close to our hearts, for they beautifully encapsulate the essence of our mission and the profound transformations we witness every day. Each baby who finds their way into our home has experienced some level of separation, trauma, and suffering. We cannot, and should not, overlook the pain they have endured. It is our responsibility and privilege to acknowledge and honor their stories.

We never want to lose sight of the fact that our babies have lived a life before they came to our home, no matter how short that portion of life may have been. We desire to create a space where their separations and losses are acknowledged, their wounds are healed, and their future is filled with hope.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also see something truly amazing that happens in our home. We catch a glimpse of God’s presence in the midst of it all. It’s like a light shining through the darkness, showing us that there’s hope and healing even in the toughest moments.

We go through the ups and downs, the tears and the smiles with our little ones. We create a safe space where they can feel heard, loved, and supported. We’re about building trust, giving them security, and helping them find their  voice and their future.

But the best part—joy! Even in the midst of hardship, our sweet babies bring so much joy into our lives. Their giggles, their resilience, and the way they find joy in the simplest things, it’s absolutely inspiring. They show us that joy doesn’t wait for the suffering to disappear, but rather, it blooms right alongside it. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Together, we’re a community that understands that life has its ups and downs. We’re not here to sugarcoat anything, but rather to celebrate the highs and support each other through the lows. We’re all about compassion, love, and showing these little warriors that they’re not alone.

So, join us on this incredible adventure! Let’s celebrate the presence of God in every baby’s life we touch. Let’s find joy, even in the midst of suffering, because together, we can make a real difference—one baby at a time.

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