Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Isaiah Goes Home

Isaiah’s dad visited him at least once a week for a month before everything was ready for him to go home. His big sisters even came home for the big event! This whole family is already wrapped around his little finger!

Brian Goes Home

Brian’s mama visited him several times before he went home. Dad was working in America and he couldn’t leave until both were home. Keep your eyes open – with US greencard holding parents, this boy will be making his way to America one day!

Construction Begins ~ Before

This upstairs balcony that was the roof of the baby cottage we extended in 2014 is becoming a long term volunteer apartment.

Construction ~ During

Work is well underway by the end of June with lots of progress made on the apartment.

Renovations Begin

This summer, with the goal of being good stewards of what God has given us, we hope to do all the things that we have placed in the “one day” category. All the upgrades, repairs and renovations to the baby house are taking place! (This is part of the tiling of our upstairs concrete floors, now getting tile like the downstairs did in 2014.)

Guest Bathroom Reno ~ Before

Our upstairs includes 9 guestrooms with self contained bathrooms. After dealing with constant plumbing issues, mold growing through block/cement/tile walls, our bathrooms are getting, not only a facelift, but a complete functional upgrade!

Guest Bathroom Reno ~ After

On a personal note, this is a project that would make my dad proud. He has said since 2012, “One day, all this plumbing and these bathrooms need to be redone.” As a member of our board, and resident “Papa” to the baby house, he cared deeply about this place. Well, it is finally happening, Dad! Wish you could see it all!

Special Friends ~ Then

Special Friends ~ Then

If you have been around HCO for awhile, you will remember our friends and former teammates (and Julia’s classmates), the Sammons. These girls made lots of special memories over their early childhood years.

Special Friends ~ Now

We got to spend a few days with these almost grown, beautiful girls, and they made more memories together. Our kids don’t have many other kids with whom they have “grown up,” so getting together with friends is a special time!

Home Visits

We do lots of home visits for our babies. Biological families, potential foster families, “last known location” visits. This is a visit in the home of the grandmother of one of our babies. It may not be the nicest, cleanest place, but it is family. And it is a typical Kenyan home. We are always facing tough choices.

Big Jim, Little Jimmy

These guys have a special bond. Jimmy is a quiet, serious boy. It takes him a LONG time to warm up to people and he is not a fan of crowds! But these two can hang out, especially if Baba Julia (Jim) takes him on walks to the shamba or to see the cow.


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