Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Sweet Boys

We currently have 23 babies, all growing and thriving. Thank you to everyone who helps to make this possible!

We get babies from so many different circumstances. Not a single one comes without some level of loss. Some orphaned, many abandoned, all suffering from separation from the family they were born into and waiting to be reunited with them or meet their new family.

We are grateful to be a safe haven, a Haven of Hope, for these little ones while they wait for their families.

Guy Time

Collins came to hang out with Jim. They get together every time Collins is out of school. Collins was one of “my boys” who came to live with us, in our guest quarters, with four other young men, in 2011. One of the things that was hardest for me in ministry for many years was the fact that I had these young men – Humphrey, Patrick, Maina, Freddy and Collins – and had no experience or qualification to really teach or mentor them. We had a few men over the years who would step in for a season. Jim completed this picture of family ministry, coming with a heart to teach and mentor men. To see the connection with and impact he has had on their lives is an answer to prayer. Over the past few years, these two have become so close, and we are grateful to the Lord for allowing this relationship to grow.

It’s a boy!

We are blessed to welcome a new little one into our family! Again, one more way that God allows us to be a part of what He is doing. An ever-loving Heavenly Father longs to lavish His love on His children, and He lets us do that! And our Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, allows us to be the ones to provide the physical home and protection of the little ones He brings here. Indeed, we are blessed.


Lizzy Lou came home for a visit! Lizzy is almost 14 years old. She still attends a special needs school in Eldoret, about 4 hours from Nakuru. She is growing up, and growing into a beautiful young woman. Lizzy is not only a big sister to all these little ones, but almost like their auntie. We all love when Lizzy is home!

It’s a Girl!

Welcome sweet baby Mary. She is quite the little cuddle bug, so squishy and soft. How special it is that God entrusts His children into our care. Thank you to all of you who help make this possible.

A visit from our big kids!

We were so excited to have our daughter and son-in-law come for a visit! Kacie and Ethan spent over a week with us. We had lots of time to hang out at the baby house, but also took a little trip to Nakuru National Park for a game drive. I will never pass up an opportunity to see my giraffes!

The girls LOVE any time they have with their big sister.

This is Kariuki

Kariuki is our groundskeeper and has been part of HCO for over 8 years. He is, perhaps, the kindest hearted person you have ever met, and most definitely the hardest worker. Kariuki is making a difference in his own community. He is using the things he is learning at HCO – both his faith and new job skills – to teach to others. He had recently used some things from the baby house to implement and build some things at his home, so we took a trip to see his life change in action. What a blessing to see things blossom and grow outside of our walls and into the greater community!

Its Twins!

We had a boy, and then a girl and now twins!

We have our second set of twins, and this time they’re girls! Eve and Anne came to us from Pokot, the village we have worked in before. We are happy to h ave these two sweet angels. Please pray for them to grow and thrive. They have some catching up to do!

We need more beds!

We have 27 babies…..at one time!!

With all the new babies and with adoption agencies halted by the government, we do not have as many babies leaving as we do coming in. So, we built this new cottage earlier this year, and now it is time to fill it and open it up for more babies.


Be a part of strengthening families, providing hope for the future, and changing the lives of babies in need.