Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Together Again

Finally! After SuperDad stayed for three weeks with the girls in Kenya, he brought them to Texas so we could all be together over their school fall break. Nana was still in the rehab hospital when they arrived, but it was so great to all be together again!

We couldn’t have survived this whole time without Bev, Moms best friend staying with her day and night!

Discharge Time!

For those who know my moms history, when she has an episode of anything related to head injury or passing out, her body goes through a long, hard process of learning how NOT to pass out again, and as a result her body atrophies very quickly and she ends up in rehab, learning how to stand, walk and exert energy without passing out. She was in rehab by the time Jim and the girls arrived in Texas.

I was so thankful that Jim was back to help me get Mom from Austin to Midland!


Nana got to celebrate her birthday at home!! And Josie got to celebrate her birthday in America – and with her big brother who came for a visit from Georgia!

Travel Time!

Traveling with our crew leaves me with a very fat passport wallet, but oh, how worth it, it is to get us home! We finally have everyone’s s US passports, all with the correct, same last name!! But we also have to carry the girls Kenyan passports and mine and Jim’s old passports with our work permits stamped inside.

Loving on People

That’s what we love. That’s what we are about.

We had a lovely visit from a team who took time to love on and invest in our people. Susan, our amazing HCO Kenya manager, shared her incredible testimony with the ladies on this team. Seeing love in action, people coming from the US and taking time to sit, listen to, and encourage those who are here, day-in, day-out, doing the hard things. And let me tell you, these people here DO HARD THINGS.


Be a part of strengthening families, providing hope for the future, and changing the lives of babies in need.