Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Finally, after such a long, long time, we got to send a sweet boy home with his mama! Mama Jaden left Jaden with us two years ago when the children’s home she grew up in requested for us to help her. She was in high school when Jaden was born and they wanted to help her finish. This is one of the biggest reasons why babies are abandoned in Kenya ~ young girl are rarely able to attend school if they have a child and are afraid that they will have no future if they keep their child. Mama Jaden wanted both. And now she has both! She has finished high school, done a job training, AND has her son with her!

Over the past year, due to Covid restrictions, Mama Jaden was not able to visit Jaden regularly. However, prior to that, she was a consistent guest at the baby house, spending time with her baby whenever she had a school break. What a joy it is to see the commitment of this young woman! She was determined – and it paid off!


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