Welcome To His Cherished Ones

Just as much as I love my girls and love seeing the Lord work in their lives, my husband loves his guys! From the moment Jim came to Kenya, God blessed these relationships with some immediate connections. I have lived in Kenya for a long time, almost 11 years. I know that it takes a long time to go deep and have real relationships with people. Kenyan people, in general, are extremely hospital and loving, but developing trust and genuine openness is a different thing. It is nothing short of a miracle how God has ordained Jim’s relationships with these men.

This past year has been full of growth and life change for these men. Their desire and passion for the Word has grown, along with their relationships with the Lord and with each other.

Recently, Jim took two of the men who work in groundskeeping (with livestock, gardens, etc) to a four day training called Farming God’s Way. It was a time of education, as well as learning new ways to apply biblical principles to everyday life and work. Being able to take what is known, combine with new techniques, practice principles that God designed in work and care of His creation, will be transformational for our HOH community, as well as the extending communities these guys will work with.

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