Welcome To His Cherished Ones

This is a year in which we have felt the enormity of both, comfort and joy. It brings a whole new meaning to our lives.

The comfort we have found in the love and support and friends brings us great joy in knowing we are not alone.
The comfort we have found in the assurance of eternal life in Christ brings us great joy in the hope of our own future.
The comfort we find in settling in and enjoying a safe, cozy home brings great joy as we soak up the rest and peace that home offers.   
The comfort we find in traditions and holiday celebrations bring us joy in knowing that we still have reason to celebrate and enjoy the life we have. 

What do you find comfort in? 
What do you find joy in? 

We would encourage you to take a few minutes and reflect on your own life and the ways you have been comforted this year…by friends, family, your environment, your Heavenly Father. And then, allow yourself a minute to rest in the joy your heart can experience when it is comforted by the things that truly matter in life, most especially a Savior who was sent to bring you eternal peace. 

Our family wishes you tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas season. 


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